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Where my paycheck goes...

June 10th, 2008 at 02:50 pm

I'm really looking forward to my $7,000 raise coming in September - but until then, this is where my $ goes!

I get paid bi-weekly. I love those three paycheck months! Yeah!

$1156 (Bi-weekly take home pay)
$400 (House downpayment savings)
$400 (Wedding Savings)
$200 (Rent)
$25 (Credit Union Account)
$25 (Car Account)
$15 (Gym Membership)
$90 (Groceries, Gas and Play Money)

I know...it's a REALLY tight budget. I am lucky to still live at home (I pay my dad $400 a month rent). I do have a teacher pension that takes 7.5% out of my pay. I also have a ROTH ira account...but until I have my wedding and downpayment saved - I put my contributions on hold.

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